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The deadline for NNEC High School applications is March 31st.  Application and Medical Forms can be found on this website under "High School Intake", or through your local Social Counsellor.  Applications must include a completed medical, immunization records, Personal History Form and most recent report card and/or transcript. 


For more information contact your community Social Counsellor, or call Tanya Nugent, Intake Coordinator at 1-800-465-3626 extension, 2309.

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News: Wahsa Application

http://www.nnec.on.ca/sites/default/files/Wahsa Application revised Feb 2014 new.pdf

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News: The Pelican Herald Vol. 9, Issue 3

http://www.nnec.on.ca/sites/default/files/The Pelican Herald Vol. 9, Issue 3.pdf

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News: Check this out DFC students!

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News: PFFNHS Youth Forum

A clip from our NNEC/PFFNHS Youth Forum last week. It was an awesome week for our students.  Our grade 11 and 12 leadership classes spent two days with Stan Wesley to get prepared for facilitating the PFFNHS Youth Forum on the third day.  They really went out of their comfort zone for this forum. It was so great to see the students motivate one another and they just got better as the day progressed. One student said this Youth Forum was better than the last one.  Thank you Stan for empowering our youth and you are right, this is a day they will never forget. 

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