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Dennis Franklin Cromarty is a very special school. It was established by your parents and elders to give you an opportunity that THEY did not have - to attend a native high school.

Dennis Franklin Cromarty is operated by Northern Nishnawbe Education Council. The NNEC is directed by the Chiefs of the 24 Sioux Lookout District First Nations. It was established in 1978 as an essential part of the movement for First Nations to develop administrative capacity to take over the boarding program for students of the Sioux Lookout District attending grades 9 through 12 outside their communities. NNEC now provides secondary and post-secondary educational services.

NNEC Vision Statement: Our vision focuses on healthy sustainable communities. We foresee a future where the results of our efforts create a positive influence in the lives of children and their parents. This vision sees a world in which First Nations people succeed without loss of their identity and have the courage to change their world according to their values.

NNEC Mission Statement: Northern Nishnawbe Education Council is committed to supporting a First Nations' education system that enforces academic standards, reinforces cultural identity, and enables learners to contribute with confidence to the well-being of the global community.

NNEC Guiding Principles: In all activities, NNEC conducts itself in a manner consistent with traditional and contemporary First Nation values and with, but not limited to, the following principles:

We shall respect spiritual and traditional beliefs.

Our first obligation is to our students.

We are partners with the parents, guardians, and communities in the education of the students we sponsor.

We will preserve and enhance First Nations’ languages and cultures.

We are committed to providing a safe and secure learning, living and working environment.

We are committed to the delivery of educational services which will assist students in achieving their personal and educational goals.

We are committed to the development of effective and innovative educational programs that will provide the best possible education for our youth.

We are committed to the development of future leaders, professionals and capable citizens for our First Nations.

We will commit to providing students with the skills, knowledge, confidence and attitude to be self sufficient and capable individuals.

We will acknowledge the achievements and successes of students and staff.

We will work collaboratively with other agencies and with the government of Canada and Ontario.

The School

Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School is a Private High School. All courses are approved and inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education. The credits that you receive at DFCHS will carry the same value as those of a provincial secondary school, and are transferable to any other high school.

The Students

DFCHS will provide you with a real challenge. Our timetable is demanding and often tiring.

In addition to playing various sports, you will get opportunities to travel and to make many new friends. We pride ourselves on our "family" atmosphere where students and staff, work and play together. Welcome!


Students who graduate with applicable courses at the college, or college/university levels are eligible to attend most post-secondary college programs in Canada.

Teachings From The Elders


We want the best education provided by the best teachers for our children.

We want education to help our children live a good life.

We want self government. Self government means that we make decisions about our lives; it means having our own doctors and teachers.

It is important to us that our children know our language and our history. We want our language to be built into the curriculum.

We want our young people to be proud of who they are - in order to feel good about someone and something else, we must first feel good about ourselves.


These are some thoughts that your elders and your parents share.

IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY - both students and staff to see that this happens.


Our Mission Statement


The mission of Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School is to ensure students develop a strong sense of identity in the distinct language, culture and traditions of the Anishnawbek and achieve academic excellence and become active members of society.


Our School Motto



The students of Dennis Franklin Cromarty are committed to:

Working towards success

Strengthening our minds and spirit

Keeping our language alive

Taking pride in everything we do

Being free of drugs and alcohol