The loon sheds a tear and raises her wings to protect her young as they leave the tipi to go to school. The children too, weep gently in their new homes, far away, and dream of the day they will graduate and return as adults to their parents in their traditional territories. The circle of life has no beginning and no end.

NNEC is a First Nations, band-empowered, non-profit educational organization under the direction of the Sioux Lookout District Chiefs. NNEC delivers secondary and post secondary education programs and services for First Nations people through the Pelican Falls First Nations High School and Centre, Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School, and Wahsa Distance Education Centre. NNEC also hosts post-secondary programs and has offices in Lac Seul, Sioux Lookout and Thunder Bay.

Curriculum delivered by NNEC is inspected and approved by the Ontario Ministry of Education. The Council receives its education funding by direct contribution from Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada and through service arrangements with member First Nations; the Council is incorporated in Ontario as a non-profit organization.

NNEC exists to support the advancement of First Nations’self government, self determination, and economic self sufficiency through its provision of culturally relevant, values-based education for the Sioux Lookout District First Nations.

NNEC Guiding Principles

In all activities, NNEC conducts itself in a manner consistent with traditional and contemporary First Nations values and with, but not limited to, the following principles:

  • We respect spiritual and traditional beliefs.
  • Our first obligation is to our students.
  • We are partners with the parents, guardians, and communities in the education of the students we sponsor.
  • We preserve and enhance First Nations’languages and cultures.
  • We are committed to providing a safe and secure learning, living and working environment.
  • We are committed to the delivery of educational services that will assist students in achieving their personal and educational goals.
  • We are committed to the development of effective and innovative programs that will provide the best possible education for our youth.
  • We are committed to the development of future leaders, professionals and capable citizens for our First Nations.
  • We are committed to providing students with the skills, knowledge, confidence and attitude to be self sufficient and capable individuals.
  • We will acknowledge the achievements and successes of students and staff.
  • We will work collaboratively with other agencies and with the governments of Ontario and Canada.

NNEC Management

Norma Kejick – Executive Director

Lillian Southwind – Executive Assistant

School Programs – Principals

Carlton Blackhawk – Technical Program

Ron Angeconeb – Finance/HR

NNEC is governed by a Board of Directors including four committees: the Finance Committee, Policy Committee, AGM Committee, and Executive Council/Governance Committee.