The intake process that NNEC uses for high school student applicants follows INAC funding guidelines. Students must send complete applications with medical and immunization records, as well as their most recent report cards, before NNEC can review their application.

Members of the Intake Committee travel to each of the NNEC communities each winter between January and March to meet with potential applicants and their parents. The committee conducts a presentation on the intake process and guidelines, as well as what students can expect when they come out for high school. The Intake Coordinator works closely with the Social Counsellor in each community to ensure that students are completing applications and meeting deadlines.

To be eligible, potential students must be registered as a status Indian and a member of a NNEC sponsoring community residing in a First Nations community in the Sioux Lookout district. The student must have completed the highest grade of the program offered in his or her home community and meet secondary school entrance requirements.

The deadline for applications is March 31st for the school year starting in September, and November 15th for second semester entry.

Potential applicants and their families must read the Intake Policy to ensure they are familiar with the details of eligibility and exclusions, the admission process, and withdrawal and re-entry into the program.


Potential students should print off and fill out the following forms to apply.


Please contact Tanya Nugent, Intake Coordinator, for more information:

Box 1419, 21 King Street
Sioux Lookout, Ontario
P8T 1B9
Phone: 807-737-2002 ext. 2309
Toll Free: 1-800-465-3626
Fax: 807-737-3047