Post Secondary Student Support Services

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The objective of the Post Secondary Programs is to assist in the creation of a large pool of professionals who will work toward the establishment of self government in the Sioux Lookout District, to help create infrastructures, support initiatives in business, economic development, government, medical and social services, and encourage entrepreneurship.

Funding and Services

Approved applicants receive partial or entire financial aid for:

  • books and tuition
  • travel and accommodation
  • residence fees
  • course materials
  • computer hardware/software
  • on-site tutoring


PSSSP Student Allowances

Students also receive the following NNEC support:

  • social counselling
  • academic counselling
  • career counselling

Student Rights and Responsibilities

All First Nations members are entitled to equitable rights as students of NNEC and are expected to perform as responsible adults.

Students sign a Charter of Student Rights and Responsibilities that outlines their education rights and responsibilities as adult students of NNEC. The binding contract serves as a guiding document to assess current and future funding and support of individual students.

Application For Post Secondary Assistance


All applications for education assistance are considered according to their priority.

Priority 1 Returning/continuing successful and new grade 12 graduates

Priority 2 Continuing successful self-funded students who fall under the AANDC guidelines

Priority 3 1st time grade 12 equivalency (course) mature students

Priority 4 Previously funded unsuccessful students who have sat out for a minimum of two academic years based on the following criteria:
• Length of time away from post secondary
• Amount of money spent on a student
• Official transcript
• A written essay complete with an academic plan

Application and Deadlines

NNEC Post Secondary Application Calendar

March 15th Application deadline for Spring/Summer session

May 15th Application deadline for Fall\Winter semesters.

July 15th Official Transcripts due from students (Gr.12 Grads and Continuing)

July 15th Deadline for required documentation as indicated on your Checklist of Required Documentation provided by your post secondary counsellor

October 15th Application deadline for winter semester

For advisory services contact:

Thunder Bay
Post Secondary Education Program
270 Windsor St.
Thunder Bay, ON
P7C 3V6

Office: 807-475-5225
Toll Free: 1-888-203-8312
Fax: 807-475-3099

Leona Scanlon
Head Post Secondary Counsellor

Cynthia Fiddler
Post Secondary Counsellor

Janice Janssen
Post Secondary Database Clerk

Sioux Lookout
Post Secondary Education Program
P.O. Box 1419
21 King Street
Sioux Lookout, ON
P8T 1B9

Office: 807-737-2002/2004
Toll Free: 1-800-465 -3626
Fax: 807-737-1230/2614

Nelson Agustin
Post Secondary Counsellor

Katie Brown
Post Secondary Counsellor

Mary Menzies
Post Secondary Database Clerk


For student appeals contact

Katie Brown
Post Secondary Counsellor